Monday, January 20, 2020
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Lovely snapshot of when this old couple came to this young mans rescue

Red coat woman saw young man struggling with his tie and nudged her husband. Husband offered to help the young man.

When 6 year old John Oliver beat cancer, his school surprised him with a...

Watch the heart warming video of this little hero walking through a standing ovation upon his return to class.

Celebrities who made it against all odds: Emily Blunt

We know her as Mary Poppins and the young queen Victoria. But an acting career was not on young Emilys mind, because she struggled with...

Celebrities who made it against all odds: Jim Carrey

We all know the comedian Jim Carrey, but his way to success didn't come easy. As a child, Jim worked 8 hour days and lived...

Bought second hand sofa, found 43 000 dollars. Returned it.

Howard Kirby from Michigan bought a really uncomfortable second hand sofa, when he investigated and found a box with 43 000 dollars inside.

The 12 year old drinks with his Iron Man prosthetic arm for the first...

Watch Jonathan drink apple juice for the first time using his 3D printed right arm. Drinking like...

Celebrities who made it against all odds: Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker did not grow up rich on the upper-east side of New York, on the contrary she grew up in Ohio as 1...

Celebrities who made it against all odds: Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry, a writer, actor, director, comedian, producer and on Forbes top list's. Also abused, slept in his car, rejected and tried to kill himself.

Liverpool superstar, Sadio Mane, wins hearts with his cracked Iphone.

One of Liverpool's superstars, Sadio Mane, was seen with a cracked iPhone despite earning millions. His answer to why, melts people's hearts.

Cats break into science farm to feast on human corpses.

Cats having feast a on human corpses, some eating the entire body. Should we be afraid for our cats?

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