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How To Celebrate Your 100th Employee Like A Boss

100 employees is a big milestone in any company. So when you are working in the creative advertisement business, whey don't do a big thing out of...

Student Wore Burlap Sack to Her Graduation Dance Like A Boss – Find Out...

18yo Courtney Barich from Canada just graduated high school, but that's not why she's a boss. Nope! She's a boss because she wore a burlap sack to her...

Went with marriage? Well, we have the memes for you ;)

We have collected 13 memes for you to enjoy. Remember, marriage can be cool.. Especially if you have the ability to laugh about it sometimes.

Woman 98 Was Demanded To Give Her License Back. Then She Did Something Unexpected

When you are over 98 years old, most people understand that is about time to give back your License and stop driving around. It could be dangerous...

Awesome Photos That Are Guaranteed To Get You In The Spirit Of Christmas

  There are people out there in the world that are less fortunate, and don't get to enjoy Christmas like the rest of us. No matter how stressful...

This is what a boss dad looks like.

When your daughter struggle with hereditary spastic paraplegia and have difficulties playing video games, you fix it.

Did you know: Cows goes through puberty?

Teenage cows have Moo-Moo-Mood swings and are rebellious during puberty. Mommy cows apparently deal with the same as you.

The Nurse From Dallas Who Survived Ebola Has Been Reunited With Her Dog

The nurse from Dallas, Texas, who survived the Ebola virus, has been reunited with her beloved dog.

How to handle crying toddlers – like a boss

Ever dealt with a tantrum throwing toddler out in public? Well, this staff at Trader Joe's know how to handle it - like a boss.

Life Hacks – These DIY Tips Will Make Your Life Easier

Because we clearly have no idea what we're doing as we live our lives without guidance, we need the Internet to provide us with helpful life hacks....

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