Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Homeless People Share One Thing About Themselves With Cardboard Messages

As part of the Rethink Homelessness project, homeless people in Orlando, Florida, USA were asked to write something about themselves onto cardboard and hold it up. The...

Liverpool superstar, Sadio Mane, wins hearts with his cracked Iphone.

One of Liverpool's superstars, Sadio Mane, was seen with a cracked iPhone despite earning millions. His answer to why, melts people's hearts.

10 Reasons You Need A Break From Your Cell Phone

With the advent of the smartphone, it has become increasingly easier to just spend an entire day, week or even month on your phone without actually interacting...

Toy Maker Turns Kids Drawings Into Stuffed Animals

A toy maker called Budsies is turning the artwork from kids into actual stuffed animals and it's beyond awesome what these amazing artists create.

Fitness Benchmarks for Bosses – Are You Prepared to Survive Like A Boss?!

Surviving in the wild probably isn't a top priority for most people reading this, but a basic level of fitness should be something every person masters and...

19 Year Old Genius Is Developing A Cancer Vaccine

19 year old Keven Stonewall is on the path to developing a vaccine against colon cancer, which is the second most deadly of all the cancers.

Would You Live In This House?

Over at a company called Modscape in Australia, they got together a bunch of architects, engineers and designers to come up with the craziest home I've ever...

College Student Does The Unbelivable For his Paralyzed Father

Guo Shijun is a college student who has not had the best of luck in life. His mother became mentally disabled after a battle with Meningitis when...

Statistics That Show Positive Changes in the United States

The statistics that follow were collected over the past several decades and show positive trends in how the United States is always thriving to improve and develop...

Check Out The Bosslike Uniforms These Special Forces Are Rockin'!

With every aspect of military power taken into consideration, the United States military clearly still reigns supreme worldwide, however a lot of countries have some amazing special...

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