Saturday, September 24, 2022
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You Won't Believe What's Behind This 4-Year-Old's Dresser!

You won't believe what's hiding behind this little 4-year-old boy's dresser in his bedroom! We can't keep it to ourselves any longer: It's a secret room.  When he...

Creative Tip Jars – How To Get Tips In The Service Industry Like A...

Creativity reigns supreme when you're trying to get tips from people while working in the service industry. Even though hard work and being an attentive member of...

Celebrities who made it against all odds: Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker did not grow up rich on the upper-east side of New York, on the contrary she grew up in Ohio as 1...

Student Wore Burlap Sack to Her Graduation Dance Like A Boss – Find Out...

18yo Courtney Barich from Canada just graduated high school, but that's not why she's a boss. Nope! She's a boss because she wore a burlap sack to her...

Good Samaritans Donate To Give Cancer Survivor New Teeth

Alex Hunter is 16 years old and a cancer survivor. This past July, all of his teeth had to be removed due to chemotherapy side effects and...

Couple Loses A Combined 280lbs! – The Before And After Pics Are Mindboggling

Back in 2011, Robert Foster weighed in at a grotesque 327lbs and his wife rustled the scale's Jimmies with her 287lbs. The weight had piled on over...

10 Reasons You Need A Break From Your Cell Phone

With the advent of the smartphone, it has become increasingly easier to just spend an entire day, week or even month on your phone without actually interacting...

Four Friends Walked 1,200 Miles to the World Cup for Charity

While many soccer fans would probably walk 1,200 miles to the World Cup in Brazil to attend a game, these four guys did it for a different...

A busker made the party of the year on a central station.

This boss busker was preforming at the Central London Station, and the waiting passengers joined in. Then they started dancing.

Fireman Proposed To His Girlfriend With A Big Surprise

In this video, a hero fireman proposed to his school teacher girlfriend. To do so, he surprised her at work to make it really special with the kids there.

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