Friday, January 17, 2020
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A Quadriplegic Woman Walks And Becomes Pregnant

Whether you believe in miracles or not, this story is one of those that might convince you to if you currently don't! Liz Mitchell is 32 years...

Ex-Girlfriend Who Cheated, Tries To Get Back With Boyfriend, His Response Is Like A...

So my friend has been living with me for the past two to three weeks after he split up with his girlfriend. He was with her for...

Man Walked Into A Burning Home To Rescue A Stranger

This all went down in Fresno, California a day or two ago. Somehow, a house caught on fire and an older man was still trapped inside. 911...

Engineering the Man Cave Like A Boss – Bosslike Things You Need in Your...

A man cave can be a sanctuary for men to pass their free time in comforting surroundings like a bar, a big screen TV, a pool table,...

Bars with the Bossest Views in the World

While some bars may have really nice views, the bars that follow have the most bosslike views in the world. You probably couldn't even dream these up...

So… National Geographic Had A Photo Contest – The Pictures Are INCREDIBLE!

The kickass people at National Geographic had a photo contest. It's NatGeo, so you know they got some boss submissions! Enjoy!   1st Place: "The Independence Day" It looks like...

A 196-Foot Mega Yacht With A Speedboat Garage And Indoor Ocean Pool

The richest people in the world are in a continuous battle to see who can make the most incredible mega yacht of all time. I think this...

Camping – Like A Boss

Be a boss, take a normal school bus and turn it into the ultimate camping machine. Like a boss!

People So Lazy, They'll Make You Feel Productive!

You might think you're lazy, but you're probably not as lazy as these people. They will make you feel like you're the most productive person on the...

5-Year-Old With Brain Cancer Gets A Visit From The Amazing Spider-Dad

On his 5th birthday, a boy named Jayden -- who is battling brain cancer -- got a surprise visit from the amazing Spider-Dad. It was awesome.

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