Sunday, March 29, 2020
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6th Grade Teacher Lost Her Summer Pay Due To Breast Cancer. Then This Happened!

Carol Clark is a 6th grade teacher at Jaime Escalante Elementary School in Cudahy, California. Last year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequently had to...

Unethical Life Hacks – So Hellaciously Wrong, It's Bosslike

You probably need a dark sense of humor to appreciate these unethical life hacks. They are satire, so we're certainly not condoning any of these. A few...

Billboard House for the Homeless – WHAT?!

Project Gregory proposes roadside billboards that double as housing for homeless people. Started in Slovakia, the billboard would also be a small house with a bed, living...

Woman 98 Was Demanded To Give Her License Back. Then She Did Something Unexpected

When you are over 98 years old, most people understand that is about time to give back your License and stop driving around. It could be dangerous...

She is breaking the world record every day

This Japanese woman is breaking the world record every day, because she is 117 years old. Her name...

This normal train ride became something totally different when this man pressed play

It looked like a normal day on the train on the Australian city Perth. But nobody on the train could ever expect what happened next. All the...

Male (28) faked Coronavirus on plane, the plane had to turn.

A plane with 243 passengers had to turn around when a man pretended to have a Coronavirus and had the plane denied landing.

How To Improve Your Health Like A Boss – Simple Tips!

We aren't trying to turn you into cultlike health nuts, but a general idea of how to be healthy can benefit most people.   Go Outside If you can do...

10 Lifestyle Changes To Make You Feel Like A Boss Immediately!

While it can be difficult to always make healthy lifestyle choices, the following ten are so simple you're just missing out not doing them. They take very...

Toy Maker Turns Kids Drawings Into Stuffed Animals

A toy maker called Budsies is turning the artwork from kids into actual stuffed animals and it's beyond awesome what these amazing artists create.

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