Monday, January 30, 2023
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Celebrities who made it against all odds: Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker did not grow up rich on the upper-east side of New York, on the contrary she grew up in Ohio as 1...

10yo Girl Celebrates Her Birthday by Being Charitable in Epic Fashion

10-year-old Maisie, inspired by singer Jessie J (who shaved her head for charity), had something special planned for her 10th birthday. Instead of throwing a birthday party for...

10 Lifestyle Changes To Make You Feel Like A Boss Immediately!

While it can be difficult to always make healthy lifestyle choices, the following ten are so simple you're just missing out not doing them. They take very...

Toy Maker Turns Kids Drawings Into Stuffed Animals

A toy maker called Budsies is turning the artwork from kids into actual stuffed animals and it's beyond awesome what these amazing artists create.

13 year old boy bullied for making an book review account.

He was bullied for loving books. But his big sister tweetet about it, and book lovers and authors stepped up and made the book review...

Such is Life in Dubai

Dubai is the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates and everything has to be bosslike there. The city is renowned for incredibly tall skyscrapers, including...

Lowe's Employees Repair War Vet's Broken Wheelchair Like True Bosses

Michael Sulsona is a military veteran, who fought in the Vietnam War and lost both of his legs. For two years, he has been waiting for a...

Just the breast news. The world longest bra chain.

The worlds longest bra chain was made to raise awareness about breast cancer, but the journey to get there was not easy.

This small act of kindness made the deliveryman dance.

In this busy holiday season, people tend to forget the almost invisible workers that make it all go around, the delivery people. But Katy Ouma...

Creative Tip Jars – How To Get Tips In The Service Industry Like A...

Creativity reigns supreme when you're trying to get tips from people while working in the service industry. Even though hard work and being an attentive member of...

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