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Fortress Fest Round-Up

Fortress Festival was a Major Key for anyone living in Ft. Worth. The Festival took place in the heart of Ft. Worth, Centered in front of the...

Crazy Awesome Wedding Pictures – How to Capture Marital Bliss Like A Boss

A wedding should be incredibly awesome and fun for everyone involved. And you should always snap some excellent photos to remember it. The wedding pics that follow...

What This Girl Does With Make-Up Is AWESOME.

Some women may overdo it with makeup, but this girl just has fun with it, when she's covering her lips with it like a boss to create...

Easy DIY Gifts That Are Bosslike

Do It Yourself gifts are simply the best gifts. They come from the heart and the other person knows you took some time to create a DIY...

High-End NYC Hairstylist Gives FREE Haircuts To The Homeless

Mark Bustos is an extremely accomplished hairstylist in New York City. He works in an affluent part of town at a high-end hair salon, but we're not...

How to Package Products Like A Boss – Clever Packaging Utilized for Marketing

Lots of companies invest millions every year into marketing their products and seem to overlook one very simple way to accomplish a goal they're after: Make the...

Man Surprises His Wife On Her Birthday With Portraits Of Their Son Created By...

This brilliant man surprises his wife on her birthday with custom portraits of their 8 month old son. Of course she wept tears of joy.

Five Ways To Remove A Child's Loose Tooth (VIDEOS)

Check out these five wild and crazy ways to remove a child's loose tooth. We're not sure any of these would be dentist-approved (we're actually fairly certain...

Bought second hand sofa, found 43 000 dollars. Returned it.

Howard Kirby from Michigan bought a really uncomfortable second hand sofa, when he investigated and found a box with 43 000 dollars inside.

This dad teaches his 16 month old kid to read

If you have a kid you want it to do it's best in life. Don't you agree? This super dad is giving his kid an advantage in...

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