Thursday, July 2, 2020
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People So Lazy, They'll Make You Feel Productive!

You might think you're lazy, but you're probably not as lazy as these people. They will make you feel like you're the most productive person on the...

9-Year-Old Boy About To Go Blind Goes To See The Northern Lights

9 years ago, Ben Pierce was born prematurely and his eyes did not develop properly as a result. Since then, his vision has declined and he is...

A Baby Born With An Upside-Down Head Became A Motivational Speaker

Claudio Vieira de Oliveira was born with an upside-down head because of a condition called arthrogryposis. Doctors in his home country of Brazil advised his mother to...

Couple Went On A 20 Year Road Trip Around The World In The Same...

77-year-old Gunther Holtorf just finished a 24 year journey around the world, which saw him driving over 550,000 miles through 215 countries in his Mercedes 300GD. The...

4 Year Old Girl Calls 911 To Save Pregnant Mom’s Life And Become A...

A 4 year old girl named Calise called 911 when her pregnant mother with epilepsy was left shaking on the floor by a seizure. She's a big sister now!

One Woman Makes Halloween Special For An Allergic Boy

We came across this really awesome Halloween story that we desperately wanted to share with you. We got permission from the lady who told it, so here...

Cats break into science farm to feast on human corpses.

Cats having feast a on human corpses, some eating the entire body. Should we be afraid for our cats?

How to Start a Fitness Routine – Practical Steps to Take Like A Boss

Yesterday, we published an article about basic fitness benchmarks for bosses, so this is somewhat of a follow-up to that. Fitness and the general physical development of...

Stop Making Excuses and Just Be Bosslike

If you want to be happier and more bosslike, you should stop making excuses for yourself not to do things. Instead work toward making your life better...

Fortress Fest II: Return of the Fest

Fortress festival returns for a second go-round after an amazing first year, this time, learning from experience and flexing to show festival goers everything they have to...

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