Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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This Man Won $14 Million At A Las Vegas Casino… And Gave It Away...

After an anonymous man won $14 million at a Las Vegas casino, he decided to give it all away to charity and his church. How unselfish and boss of him!

Hells Angels Bought All The Bikes At Walmart For Homeless Kids

To help out homeless kids and give them something to smile about this Christmas, the notorious biker gang Hell Angels bought bicycles for them!

Doctor Offers College Education To Men That Robbed His Home

Doctor Victor Ho is offering a free college education to the burglars that robbed his home and held him at gunpoint, if they turn themselves in.

5-Year-Old With Brain Cancer Gets A Visit From The Amazing Spider-Dad

On his 5th birthday, a boy named Jayden -- who is battling brain cancer -- got a surprise visit from the amazing Spider-Dad. It was awesome.

Guy Lost 160lbs And Has A Ton Of Loose Skin, But He's Still Confident...

Going from 360lbs to 200lbs will leave you with a lot of loose skin after 160lbs of weight lost, but this guy is still a boss regardless. You have to see it to believe it.

Man Surprises His Wife On Her Birthday With Portraits Of Their Son Created By...

This brilliant man surprises his wife on her birthday with custom portraits of their 8 month old son. Of course she wept tears of joy.

Harley-Davidson Riders Are Going Green By Planting Trees

Harley-Davidson is helping to plant a billion trees worldwide in order to renew and protect the environment.

This normal train ride became something totally different when this man pressed play

It looked like a normal day on the train on the Australian city Perth. But nobody on the train could ever expect what happened next. All the...

Man Hides Engagement Ring In The Bottom Drawer Of A Handcrafted Jewelry Armoire For...

To propose to his girlfriend of two years, this gentleman built her a jewelry armoire and hid the engagement ring in its bottom drawer for her to find.

A Compilation Of Images That Define Humanity

At the heart of humanity lies kindness and benevolence, which we often overlook but these ideals should always remain as two of our core values in life.

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