Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Mindbogglingly BADASS Tattoos! Ink You Won't Regret!

Tattoo fails are all too common and, with the advent of social networks, we seem to find out about every single one! At this point, you might...

94yo Grandma Serves As Flower Girl In Granddaughter's Wedding!

Helen Kavanagh will turn 95 years old in November of this year. She is a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, probably one of the best cake bakers in all...

DIY Tips to Improve Your Backyard

With summer on its way, you might want to make some easy improvements to your backyard like a boss. Because we're awesome and love to help, here...

Female Bodyguard Training – Petite Chinese Women Turned Into Security Bosses

In China, due to the recent emergence of more wealthy individuals, the demand for qualified bodyguards has skyrocketed. Oftentimes, women are preferred because they can more easily...

10 GIFs Show How Bosslike Nature Is

What follows is an exquisite selection of animated GIFs displaying nature with some of the stunning views that make it so incredible. This is how you capture...

5yo Brain Cancer Victim Buried by Superheroes

5-year-old Brayden Denton from Indiana recently lost his fight against brain cancer. He LOVED superheroes, so his family decided to honor him with a superhero-themed funeral. Everyone...

10 Time Management Tips – Use Your Time Like A Boss

We're sure you've heard Benjamin Franklin's famous line, "Time is money." It rings true more than ever in today's world. It's easy to feel like you have...

How to Package Products Like A Boss – Clever Packaging Utilized for Marketing

Lots of companies invest millions every year into marketing their products and seem to overlook one very simple way to accomplish a goal they're after: Make the...

College Student Does The Unbelivable For his Paralyzed Father

Guo Shijun is a college student who has not had the best of luck in life. His mother became mentally disabled after a battle with Meningitis when...

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse – 10 Bosslike Survival Items and Tactics

Sometime soon, zombies may begin taking over the planet and you'll have to fight hard to survive or become one of them. If you don't want zombies...

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