Saturday, October 31, 2020
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So… National Geographic Had A Photo Contest – The Pictures Are INCREDIBLE!

The kickass people at National Geographic had a photo contest. It's NatGeo, so you know they got some boss submissions! Enjoy!   1st Place: "The Independence Day" It looks like...

Man Skips Lunch To Feed Hungry Kids With Donations He Collects

To collect money for the Oregon Food Bank, a man named Anton Cobb from Portland, Oregon sets up a symbolic empty table at Director Park every Wednesday...

This normal train ride became something totally different when this man pressed play

It looked like a normal day on the train on the Australian city Perth. But nobody on the train could ever expect what happened next. All the...

10yo Girl Celebrates Her Birthday by Being Charitable in Epic Fashion

10-year-old Maisie, inspired by singer Jessie J (who shaved her head for charity), had something special planned for her 10th birthday. Instead of throwing a birthday party for...

Celebrities who made it against all odds: Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry, a writer, actor, director, comedian, producer and on Forbes top list's. Also abused, slept in his car, rejected and tried to kill himself.

Watch this farmer celebrate the rain in Australia.

The joy! Son post this lovely video of his farmer dad, who celebrates the rain in Australia.

Easy DIY Gifts That Are Bosslike

Do It Yourself gifts are simply the best gifts. They come from the heart and the other person knows you took some time to create a DIY...

Cheap Second Hand Clothes Turned Into Stylish Dresses Like A Boss

Meet the Refashionista! Jillian Owens lives in Columbia, South Carolina, USA, where she does something bosslike. Being a writer and designer, she faced some financial difficulties and...

A busker made the party of the year on a central station.

This boss busker was preforming at the Central London Station, and the waiting passengers joined in. Then they started dancing.

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