Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Male (28) faked Coronavirus on plane, the plane had to turn.

A plane with 243 passengers had to turn around when a man pretended to have a Coronavirus and had the plane denied landing.

How to handle crying toddlers – like a boss

Ever dealt with a tantrum throwing toddler out in public? Well, this staff at Trader Joe's know how to handle it - like a boss.

Most boss tree. Has postal address and bring couples together.

In Germany, there is an 500 year old Oak that is responsible for over 100 marriages.

Man buys bike from a thief only to give it back to owner.

This is just like a boss. This man buys bike from a thief, because he knew it was stolen and wanted to return it to...

When 6 year old John Oliver beat cancer, his school surprised him with a...

Watch the heart warming video of this little hero walking through a standing ovation upon his return to class.

Bought second hand sofa, found 43 000 dollars. Returned it.

Howard Kirby from Michigan bought a really uncomfortable second hand sofa, when he investigated and found a box with 43 000 dollars inside.

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