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Like tornadoes? This is how FIRE tornadoes are made.

Tornadoes are kinda scary. Fire tornadoes on the other hand, are terrifying frightening shit. Here is how fire tornadoes are made.

Postponed his own wedding to help children

A Brooklyn basketball coach startet a after school program, and ended up postponding his own wedding to help children and make sure they had what...
Miss nigeria 2019 reaction

Miss Nigerias reaction when Jamaica won Miss World 2019

There were only three contestant left on the stage, waiting for the Miss World 2019 announcement. When Jamaica won, Miss Nigerias reaction went viral.

Man return to his old neighborhood to give away 1.327 toys.

Adam Armstrong grew up in a low-income neighborhood, moved, became wealthy and returned to give away 1.327 toys to the local children.

Youths make amazing rides for kids with disabilities.

High school robotics teams designes and made of amazing rides for kids with disabilities. These rides for...

AC/DC frontman improves the lives of foster children.

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson and his wife Brenda donates a property to support a safe place for children to heal from the trauma of abuse....

These are some seriously cool vaping tricks.

We don't recommend vaping. But if you do it, do it like a boss. Check out this video of cool vaping tricks.

What is Saint Lucy’s day, and why do people celebrate it?

Some people talk about it, some have never heard of it, and some put candles on their head. What is going on? And what is...

Five year old brought his kindergarten class to his adoption hearing.

Five year old Michael Orlando Clark Jr. brought all of his friends to hos adoption hearing, and we just can't hold our tears back. You...

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