Friday, February 21, 2020
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AC/DC frontman improves the lives of foster children.

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson and his wife Brenda donates a property to support a safe place for children to heal from the trauma of abuse....

These are some seriously cool vaping tricks.

We don't recommend vaping. But if you do it, do it like a boss. Check out this video of cool vaping tricks.

What is Saint Lucy’s day, and why do people celebrate it?

Some people talk about it, some have never heard of it, and some put candles on their head. What is going on? And what is...

Five year old brought his kindergarten class to his adoption hearing.

Five year old Michael Orlando Clark Jr. brought all of his friends to hos adoption hearing, and we just can't hold our tears back. You...

78 year old Terrance overwhelmed by his Christmas surprise

When people heard about how 78 year old Terrance had been alone for Christmas the last 20 years, they wanted to do something for him....

This small act of kindness made the deliveryman dance.

In this busy holiday season, people tend to forget the almost invisible workers that make it all go around, the delivery people. But Katy Ouma...

Fortress Fest Comes Home

Fortress Festival came home in a BIG Way. In its 3rd consecutive year, the Fort Worth festival proved it is the premiere destination for consistent pre-summer activity....

Fortress Festival 2k18 Round-Up

What an incredible weekend!! As soon as the sun came out Saturday April 29th, We knew this was going to be an amazing time. Fortress Festival returned...

Fortress Fest II: Return of the Fest

Fortress festival returns for a second go-round after an amazing first year, this time, learning from experience and flexing to show festival goers everything they have to...

Fortress Fest Round-Up

Fortress Festival was a Major Key for anyone living in Ft. Worth. The Festival took place in the heart of Ft. Worth, Centered in front of the...

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