Monday, October 26, 2020
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78 year old Terrance overwhelmed by his Christmas surprise

When people heard about how 78 year old Terrance had been alone for Christmas the last 20 years, they wanted to do something for him....

This small act of kindness made the deliveryman dance.

In this busy holiday season, people tend to forget the almost invisible workers that make it all go around, the delivery people. But Katy Ouma...

Fortress Fest Comes Home

Fortress Festival came home in a BIG Way. In its 3rd consecutive year, the Fort Worth festival proved it is the premiere destination for consistent pre-summer activity....

Fortress Festival 2k18 Round-Up

What an incredible weekend!! As soon as the sun came out Saturday April 29th, We knew this was going to be an amazing time. Fortress Festival returned...

Fortress Fest II: Return of the Fest

Fortress festival returns for a second go-round after an amazing first year, this time, learning from experience and flexing to show festival goers everything they have to...

Fortress Fest Round-Up

Fortress Festival was a Major Key for anyone living in Ft. Worth. The Festival took place in the heart of Ft. Worth, Centered in front of the...

Fortress Festival Is About To Kick Summer Into High Gear

Residents of Ft. Worth and the Surrounding Areas have always been subjected to having to drive to Dallas for Big Events. In Part, Due to the Area,...

Day For Night Is The Most Creative Music & Arts Festival In Texas

Day For Night 2016 was held at the Barbara Jordan Post Office in the middle of Downtown Houston, attracting musical acts from all around the world on...

NYPD Officer Redirects Motorcyclist Like A Boss

An officer from the NYPD redirects a guy on a motorcycle stuck in traffic via a curb. We often expect cops to be evil, but this guy is a boss!

4 Year Old Girl Calls 911 To Save Pregnant Mom’s Life And Become A...

A 4 year old girl named Calise called 911 when her pregnant mother with epilepsy was left shaking on the floor by a seizure. She's a big sister now!

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