Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Abandoned Walmart Turned Into America's Largest Public Library

An abandoned Walmart store in Texas has been turned into the biggest public library in the United States.

The Amazing Story Of Richie Parker – Like A Boss

0 This is an inspiring story about Richie Parker, who was born without arms, which didn't stop him from accomplishing his dreams. Today he designs car parts for...

Nub Dolphin Tattoo – Like A Boss

This guy had the right idea when he thought of a way to embrace his amputation by putting a dolphin tattoo in place of the missing arm.

A Compilation Of Images That Define Humanity

At the heart of humanity lies kindness and benevolence, which we often overlook but these ideals should always remain as two of our core values in life.

This dad teaches his 16 month old kid to read

If you have a kid you want it to do it's best in life. Don't you agree? This super dad is giving his kid an advantage in...

What An Awesome Picnic – Like A Boss

How to have an awesome picnic like a boss  

Dad Does Daughter's Hair – Like A Boss

0 You may think dads are clueless when it comes to their daughter's hair, but this dad has a clever way of using simple house hold appliances to...

Wheel Chair Of The Future

0 This wheel chair enables people to stand up and maneuver around. It includes an easy access point and enables the person to work out and stretch.

Meet The World's Fastest Dwarf

0 Meet Doug Farrel he was once the worlds strongest dwarf bench pressing more than 300 pounds. Now He is training to be the world's fastest dwarf alive.

I Wish All Kids Were Like This While Getting Their Vaccination Shots!

0 This baby had a good time at the doctors office. He doesn't make a peep while getting his vaccination shots and even laughs about it towards the...

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