Monday, January 20, 2020

Nailing his NASA internship, like a boss

This high school student didn't just manage to get a NASA internship, he also discovered a new PLANET on his third day.

Seizure while gaming. Online gaming friend saved his life.

Aidan Jackson (20) was gaming in his room when he suddenly had a seizure. Luckily, his online gaming friend saved his life.

Young hero saves nine Koalas from Australian bushfire

Patrick Boyle, 22, decided to go on rescue mission when the Australian bushfire started and have now saved nine Koalas.

Man return to his old neighborhood to give away 1.327 toys.

Adam Armstrong grew up in a low-income neighborhood, moved, became wealthy and returned to give away 1.327 toys to the local children.

AC/DC frontman improves the lives of foster children.

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson and his wife Brenda donates a property to support a safe place for children to heal from the trauma of abuse....

What is Saint Lucy’s day, and why do people celebrate it?

Some people talk about it, some have never heard of it, and some put candles on their head. What is going on? And what is...

78 year old Terrance overwhelmed by his Christmas surprise

When people heard about how 78 year old Terrance had been alone for Christmas the last 20 years, they wanted to do something for him....

Dog Says Hello In Response To Human

0 A cute French Bulldog tries to say hello to his owner, who in turn delivers the same greeting.

Best Buds: Labrador And Dolphin Swim Together

0 A BBC camera crew captures Incredible footage of a labrador swimming and playing with a dolphin off the coast of Middletown, on Tory Island.  

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