Saturday, March 28, 2020

7 Motivationals & Inspirational Videos for Teachers 2014

Teachers are the sculptors of future generations, thus the future of our world. They are the people who tirelessly work to educate, inspire, motivate, help, care and...

Sitting Like A Boss

si Need to pop-a-squat? Do it like a boss.

NYC Sushi Restaurant Bans Tipping. The Reason Why Is Boss!

NYC is a great place to eat sushi and at Sushi Yasuda they just banned tipping. Instead of making their employees work for tips, they're paying them...

High School Drummers – Like A Boss

0 They may be wearing kilts but don't let that fool you, these high school drummers are the business.

YOU WONT BELIEVE What This Uncle Does To His Gang Banging Nephew!!!

0 Uncle catches nephew gang banging and gives him a a** whopping and records it all to post on Face Book.  

Set Up Your Cubicle – Like A Boss

This guy has the right idea for spicing things up at work. This is a good idea and i'm sure there are many other themes that can...

Top 10 Craziest Waterslides

#10.) Scorpions Tail, Wisconsin This see-through waterslide stands at 10-stories high and runs a total of 400 ft. You ride down it by yourself at a crazy speed...

Internet Fixes Couple's Lonely Vacation Pictures

This is pretty cool. A married couple has been going on vacations to nice places, but they're always too shy to ask strangers to take photos of...

This Church Looks Normal From The Outside. But Inside? It'll Absolutely Terrify

Let's take a trip to eastern Europe they said. It'll be fun they said. Why not go to the Czech Republic and go see the creepiest church...

Brazil's Saddest Fan Is A Boss

Yesterday, Germany's national soccer team completely annihilated the Brazilian team on their home turf in a 7-1 slaughter. By halftime, many Brazilian fans had been shown crying...

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