Wednesday, March 3, 2021

10 Craziest Sports – The MOST Insane Sports Ever

Prepare yourself, because we're about to annihilate your brain matter with these batshit crazy sports that only a true lunatic would even consider playing. We couldn't believe...

Saints Fan Steals Ball From Female Bengals Fan

Lots of crazy stuff is happening of the football stadiums now days, but what happened with this Bengels fan just hit a new low. A New Orleans...


We are #AndreasBakkerud - Ep. 1: "The Driver" Episode one is named “The Driver” and brings you closer to the main man. Andreas Bakkerud was born in the...

10 Dangerously Brutal Sports

Most sports carry some type of risk, but very few are as alarmingly dangerous and potentially life-threatening as the ones that made our list. If you want...

Playing Baseball With One Leg – Like A Boss

0 You have to be a true boss to play baseball with one leg.

Workout, like a boss.

Someone made a "like a boss" workout moments video, so of course we share it with you.

DIY Baseball Bat Bench – A Must For Any Bosslike Baseball Fan

Do you want to turn a bunch of baseball bats into an awesome bench? If so, then this bosslike DIY project is for you. To make this particular...

91yo Woman Sets Marathon Record

91 years old and still a boss lady, Harriette Thompson set a new marathon record time with seven hours, seven minutes and 42 seconds. She did this...

Surfer Wins GoPro Of The World Contest With A 27 Second Tube Ride

With a video of him riding a barrel wave for 27 seconds, pro surfer Koa Smith won the GoPro of the World contest like a boss!

Pittsburgh Penguins Played O Canada In Support Of Ottawa After The Shooting

This is definitely one of the coolest displays of solidarity I have ever seen. After the tragedy that was the Ottawa shooting in Canada, the NHL's Pittsburgh...

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