Monday, December 6, 2021

NHL Hockey Player Alex Ovechkin Takes Little Girl With Down Syndrome On A Date

Alex Ovechkin is an NHL hockey player for the Washington Capitals. He is the captain of the team and an all around good guy. He loves to...

Mighty Kacy Is A Boss – Kacy Catanzaro Dominated American Ninja Warrior!

No woman has ever gone as far as 5', 100lbs Kacy Catanzaro on American Ninja Warrior. In the video we posted yesterday, which you can watch below...

6yr Old Break Dancing – Like A Boss

0 Check out this unbelievable 6-year-old girl, Terra Chelles while she serves up older kids in a B-boy battle. Break dancing like a boss!

Brandon Belt Delivers Promised Home Run Like A Boss

Lyndsey Dworkin is a 12-year-old who has been battling brain cancer for over a year with 31 bouts of radiation and nine rounds of chemotherapy completed. She...


We are #AndreasBakkerud - Ep. 1: "The Driver" Episode one is named “The Driver” and brings you closer to the main man. Andreas Bakkerud was born in the...

Slow Motion Video Of A Border Collie Dog Doing Parkour Tricks With A Frisbee

This border collie dog doing parkour tricks with a frisbee will completely redefine reality for you and make you want to start climbing up walls yourself.

2014 World Cup Final – Germany vs Argentina – Info & Pics

The World Cup Final is here and will be played today. At 4pm local time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Germany will face Argentina for the most...

Central Florida Knights JJ Worton One Arm Catch – Like A Boss

0 UCF quarter back was put in a tough spot with nobody open for the pass he dodges one guy and as he is getting ready to dodge...

Playing Baseball With One Leg – Like A Boss

0 You have to be a true boss to play baseball with one leg.

College Freshman Hits Half-Court Shot During Basketball Challenge To Win A Ford F-150

A Drake student won a brand new Ford F-150 by winning this basketball challenge in bosslike fashion.

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