Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Playing Baseball With One Leg – Like A Boss

0 You have to be a true boss to play baseball with one leg.

Opportunistic Extreme Athletes Use Natural Disasters For Action Sports

Natural disasters can be quite catastrophic and deadly, but these extreme athletes just use them to make their intense action sports even wilder! Mother Nature isn't always...

College Freshman Hits Half-Court Shot During Basketball Challenge To Win A Ford F-150

A Drake student won a brand new Ford F-150 by winning this basketball challenge in bosslike fashion.

François Gissy Sets Bicycle World Record With 207 mph / 333 km/h And Beats...

When François Gissy went 207 mph / 333 km/h on his rocket-powered bicycle, he set the bicycle world record. He also raced a Ferrari on his bike and won!

Brazil's Saddest Fan Is A Boss

Yesterday, Germany's national soccer team completely annihilated the Brazilian team on their home turf in a 7-1 slaughter. By halftime, many Brazilian fans had been shown crying...

Hector Lombard – Like A Boss Proudly Sponsors This Amazing UFC Welterweight Fighter

Today, we'd like to announce a sponsorship we are extremely proud of here at Like A Boss: UFC Welterweight fighter Hector 'Lightning' Lombard!   Hector Lombard In The Beginning: Before taking...

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