Monday, January 30, 2023

Penguin visits his rescuer every year, 5000 miles away.

A fisherman rescued a penguin stuck in some oil, cleaned him and fed him. Now they love each other and the penguin comes back to...

This is what a boss dad looks like.

When your daughter struggle with hereditary spastic paraplegia and have difficulties playing video games, you fix it.
grandfather express

What do you do when you have to take your ten grandkids to school?

You buy a freaking bus. Doug Hayes's grandchildren didn't have a school bus opportunity, so he did what every boss grandpa would do.

Five year old brought his kindergarten class to his adoption hearing.

Five year old Michael Orlando Clark Jr. brought all of his friends to hos adoption hearing, and we just can't hold our tears back. You...

Fortress Festival 2k18 Round-Up

What an incredible weekend!! As soon as the sun came out Saturday April 29th, We knew this was going to be an amazing time. Fortress Festival returned...

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