Saturday, June 25, 2022

Elle Duncan tear up over Kobe in this beautiful tribute.

In the aftermath after the accident, the most beautiful stories are coming forward. And if you have to watch only one, watch this one.

This 5-year old is graduating Kindergarten like a boss

If we only got half the attitude of this little girl. She is owning her graduation like a true boss.

Dog Says Hello In Response To Human

0 A cute French Bulldog tries to say hello to his owner, who in turn delivers the same greeting.

Awesome dad reflexes

We found this dad reflexes compilation and of course we had to share it. We just...

Postponed his own wedding to help children

A Brooklyn basketball coach startet a after school program, and ended up postponding his own wedding to help children and make sure they had what...

This parenting life hack video is a must see.

Life Hack for Parents. Hacks for toys, hacks for child, hacks for mom and dad. This video is awesome if you have small children.

These are some seriously cool vaping tricks.

We don't recommend vaping. But if you do it, do it like a boss. Check out this video of cool vaping tricks.

You need to watch this baby scaring her dad.

This baby is awesome. Pranking her dad, like a boss. Watch the video to see the...

Wanna See Some Owls Dance Like A Boss?!

These owls decided to have a little dance-off on a lucky photographer's front lawn. She managed to secretly capture it on her GoPro. Or maybe they knew...

Watch this farmer celebrate the rain in Australia.

The joy! Son post this lovely video of his farmer dad, who celebrates the rain in Australia.

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