Saturday, June 25, 2022

The 12 year old drinks with his Iron Man prosthetic arm for the first...

Watch Jonathan drink apple juice for the first time using his 3D printed right arm. Drinking like...

This 5-year old is graduating Kindergarten like a boss

If we only got half the attitude of this little girl. She is owning her graduation like a true boss.

Awesome dad reflexes

We found this dad reflexes compilation and of course we had to share it. We just...

A Powerful Message About The Homeless

You have to admit that this Powerful Message show's some odd angles to life that you've probably never thought of. If someone was saying something mean to...

This parenting life hack video is a must see.

Life Hack for Parents. Hacks for toys, hacks for child, hacks for mom and dad. This video is awesome if you have small children.

Wanna See Some Owls Dance Like A Boss?!

These owls decided to have a little dance-off on a lucky photographer's front lawn. She managed to secretly capture it on her GoPro. Or maybe they knew...

This awesome cat helps locked-out owner inside.

Why call the lock-smith when you have a cat? This smart cat helped the locked-out owner get back inside by opening the back door.

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