When one GIF just isn’t funny enough to make you roll on the floor laughing, maybe combining two or more will do the trick?! Check out these sweet combo GIFs we dug up on our travels across the vast lands of the Internet. If you don’t laugh, you should seek medical help for depression. Combining GIFs like this takes real skill and we think the people who made these did so… like a boss!
1. Soccer Ball Ice Cream Shot
These two GIFs next to each other and timed perfectly combine to make one hilarious GIF!

2. Chuck Norris Shooting Kittens
The legendary Chuck Norris takes out these cute kittens with his rifle. No! Don’t do it, Chuck!

3. Caught Between Trucks
This one shows us what the driver of this car must’ve been going through emotionally.

4. Elsa the Snow Queen Strikes
Elsa from Disney’s Frozen strikes and makes this person slip on ice.

5. Ice Cream
This one makes you wonder how long it must’ve taken to line that up so perfectly.

6. Cat and Shaq Wiggle
This combo GIF with the wiggle cats and Shaq shaking is terrific!

7. Squirrel Snack
This poor squirrel turns into a quick snack after being catapulted.

8. Street Fighter Ken Throws Fish
Ken from Street Fighter throws a fish at this man on a boat to take him out. What the heck are you doing, Ken?!

9. Katy Perry Shocked
We’re not sure if Katy Perry is shocked or turned on by this lunatic licking a lollipop.

10. Shark Catches Diver
I bet she wasn’t expecting there to be a shark in that pool!

And there you have them. Our 10 favorite combo GIFs. Let us know what your favorites are!