Beer pong is a game played in frats, at bars and in the homes of drunken alcoholics and/or beer lovers. (We’re not judging, but you know it’s true.) Beer-filled cups (usually 6 or 10) are placed at the ends of the table, into which ping pong balls are bounced by opposing teams (usually in a 2-on-2 setup). If you land a ping pong ball into one of your opponents’ cups, your opponent has to consume the beer within said cup. If the ping pong ball was dirty, too bad for them! Slay your enemies without mercy.
Now that you’re all caught up on the game of beer pong, let’s get to these bosslike beer pong tables we stumbled upon. (Maybe we stumbled because we were hammered after a game of beer pong. Or were we?!)
1. Poverty Beer Pong Table
If you’re too poor to buy or create a sweet beer pong table, why not go full poverty mode and just slap a cardboard box on top of a foosball table? While this isn’t bosslike, it’s so shameful that we just had to share it. We promise the rest of these won’t be this pathetic.

2. Maximum Cups Beer Pong Tables
Because you couldn’t possibly fit enough cups of beer onto one table, it has to be two! We’re not sure why they even bothered with the triangle setup. At this point, you may as well just cover both tables in beer cups and have paramedics standing by to take people away when they need treatment for severe alcohol poisoning. In fact, you may as well just skip the beer pong game and just chug beer continuously for half an hour.

3. Beach Sand Beer Pong Table
Provided it’s legal to consume alcohol at the beach you’re going to, this is a very nice setup. These fine young gentlemen carved a beer pong table into the beach sand like some true bosses!

4. Basketball Court Beer Pong Table
Nicely done! It’s so shiny and smooth. If you’re a basketball fan, this is the way to go with your beer pong table.

You can do the same type of setup for football teams as well!

5. Two Game Beer Pong Table
If you want to play two games of beer pong at the same time on one table, this is how you do it like a boss! You can go further and do a three game, four game, etc. beer pong table… but that’s just crazy!

6. Classy Beer Pong Table
They must be playing with craft beer on this one. It’s magnificent!

7. Glowing Beer Pong Table
When you’re tipsy, this is extra wild. Very bosslike.

8. Snow Beer Pong Table
The polar opposite of the table shown at #3, this one is made out of snow. Bonus: It keeps the beer cold like a boss!

9. Majestic Beer Pong Table
This is about as alpha as a beer pong table gets! They even carved cup holders into the wood.

10. American Flag Beer Pong Table
Because… ‘Murica!

Now that you know all about beer pong and what makes a beer pong table bosslike, you’re officially a beer pong expert. Congratulations!