Whether you’re a pothead stoner or not, we think you’ll enjoy the following 10 GIFs because they’re just beyond awesome. This is how you do GIFs like a boss!
1. Face Punch

Check out that boulder-like fist bashing into his head, virtually turning it into a bearded bag of Jello. Such punch. Wow! Much deform. Very fist.
2. Golf Shot Accuracy

This guy’s golf stroke is amazingly accurate, but we hope the other guy was getting paid quite a bit of money to take the risk of him missing.
3. Slow Motion Skateboard Trick

We have no idea what this trick is called. It starts out like a kickflip, but then the board just keeps spinning in all sorts of directions.
4. Chugging Beer

This guy chugs beer like a boss. He may or may not be a raging alcoholic, but he’s definitely impressive when he does drink. We’d make some cracks about his massive swallowing abilities, but he isn’t cute enough (or female enough). Maybe one day we will be more tolerant of his beauty and less sexist as well. (It is possible.)
5. Beanstalk Growth

This is how a beanstalk grows. It swings around until it hits the bean post and then takes to the sky! What an incredible achievement, Mother Nature. We salute you!
6. Boiling Water in Well-Below Freezing Temperatures

This is what happens when you throw boiling water out of a window when it’s -41.8°F/-41°C (it’s weird how the temperatures match up that well for this example) cold outside.
7. Dog Drinking Water

This is how a dog’s tongue works to get water into its mouth from a bowl. No wonder they make such a mess, when they drink.
8. The Creation of Poptarts

This is how poptarts are made. Warning: You might get DIABEETUS just by watching that GIF.
9. Cheetah Running

When cheetahs run, they utilize their tail to maintain their balance as they make quick lateral movements to capture their prey. At such high speeds, this capability makes them one fierce predator!
10. How a Key Works

This is how a key works. It’s science!
We hope you enjoyed this post and thought these GIFs are as cool as we think they are!