Adi Malcolm is 11 years old and goes by the nickname Audacious Adi. So far, she’s put together two dance routines on YouTube using a dance technique that’s commonly known as animation. It combines various elements that are reminiscent of great dance styles like that of Michael Jackson in his prime. All kinds of robot-esque movements combined into a fluid dance style that will leave you wondering how Adi managed to learn this by age 11!
Most people will never come close to having moves this smooth in a lifetime and she’s already tearing it up with her own animation dance routines at age 11. Wow. Adi is self-taught. She used YouTube videos to teach herself this style of dance and I really think you’re going to enjoy watching her talent blossom in the following two animation dance routines she has created so far. When she isn’t dancing like a boss, she’s also a motocross racer!

Hit up Adi’s YouTube channel for more amazing dance routines like the ones above in the future.