What happens when creative humans with extra land gets bored? They create! Here are 28 truly like a boss back yard creations that are totally unique and awesome.
1. Having a personal luge in your backyard Is totally like a boss. Jay Venini from Long Island built this beast for his children. Best winter ever.

2. Backyard wiffle ball is one way to spice up your summers. This one is named “Riley Field” which hosts community games on a regular basis in Mumford, NY.

3. It may not be never never land but it’s definitely a badass backyard roller coaster built by John Ivers for his grand kids. This beast is called the “Blue Flash”.

4. Here’s a full-fledged back yard hockey rink with all the markings as well as a Zamboni and lights for night games. I’m placing bets that this exists somewhere in Canada.

5. Here we have intersecting water slides complete with a sweet jump and loop!

6. Now THIS is a backyard play house! This mini palace comes with a rock climbing wall, zip line and slide! It was built by Steve and Jeri Wakefield for their very lucky grandsons.

7. An epic triple tree fort inspired by Dr. Seuss style architecture. Imagine the water balloon fights!

8. Here’s a hobbit house built by Peter Archer, an architect with a passion for Lord of The Rings. It looks so relaxing in there!

9. Got an extra $52,000 sitting around? If so you could have this miniature pirate ship all to yourself.

10. Here’s another pricey backyard getaway suite with a windmill, all for the low, low cost of $38,000.

11. This epic mini model of Paris, France was built by Gerard Brion using recycled materials.

12. Like a fish tank for humans, here we have an above ground see through back yard pool. This was designed by architect Andres Remy.

13. Here we have an in ground trampoline, I guess it takes away the fear of falling off of it, aesthetically it looks cool too.

14. It took 37 years for Heinz and Hildegard Schonewolf of Dudweiler, Germany to build this back yard fairy tale castle. This is truly like a boss!

15. Here’s an inflatable TV, not currently floating on water but I guess the idea is that it could?

16. Here’s a massive hammock, both for relaxing and rolling around having a fun time in! I could totally spend a hot, breezy day in one of these.

17. When you truly love your art and follow it as far as pro BMX rider Mark Spinner has, it comes to no surprise that he built this 11,000 square foot bike park in his back yard.

18. These duel back yard water slides coming from what looks to be like an epic mansion would be so fun to use in the morning, and a great alternative to coffee!

19. A Dentist named Jimmy Helms took 14 years to build this awesome western town in his back yard.

20. A backyard stage: the kids who have this will probably be in the movies someday.

21. I could only begin to imagine the fear of swinging over the edge of a cliff on this terrifying swing set. This epic tree house exists in Baños, Ecuador.

22. John Howell, the father of a lucky boy built this spaceship replica, complete with a miniature Nasa suit for his son.

23. There’s something truly badass about replicating the feeling of being on a sandy beach in your backyard.

24. Bringing the magic of her books alive, J.K Rowling had these Harry Potter tree houses built for her kids.

25. A giant checkers set to engage the mind and body!

26. A working train: Imagine playing cowboys and Indians with this thing!

27. Having a lazy river in your backyard would make for some great outdoor snooze time.

28. Retired fighter, Steve Wienecke built this massive cue-less pool table in his backyard. This is what happens when bowling and pool meet!