The Christian holiday Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. While that may be bosslike in itself to you, here are five special Easter customs from different countries that we’ve discovered. It’s how you celebrate this holiday like a boss.
#5: No Easter Bunny in Australia

Instead of chocolate Easter bunnies, in Australia chocolate versions of bilbies – an endangered marsupial – are sold to raise money for conservation efforts of these animals (the real ones). I guess you could say Aussies are essentially feeding their kids chocolate to save an animal species from going extinct.
#4: Giant French Omelette

In France, one tradition is to make a massive omelette that can feed over 1,000 people! Hopefully they serve bacon with it…
#3: Easter Egg Shooting

In Germany, Ostereierschie├čen (which translates to Easter egg shooting) is becoming a tradition where you go to a shooting range to shoot a gun or bow & arrow to win colored Easter eggs.
#2: Beating of Judas in Brazil

This one is pretty crazy, but also sounds fun. Apparently Brazilians like to make straw dolls that resemble Judas, which they then beat the crap out of in the streets. That’s what happens, Judas!
#1: Spraying and Spanking Women

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, women are playfully splashed with water and spanked with decorated instruments by men. This is to insure health and beauty for the women. (Don’t ask us how it works.)
And that brings the list of our five favorite Easter traditions to a close. If you celebrate Easter, we wish you, your friends and your family a Happy Easter! Maybe you can try out a new tradition this year. If you don’t celebrate it, hopefully the list was informative and/or amusing nonetheless.