Christine McConnell is one talented woman. You could say she really is Wonder Woman!

As a one person creative powerhouse, Christine is an artist, photographer, model and baker. She’s very talented at each thing and about as close as you can get to true multitasking like a boss!
On her Instagram page, she shares her incredible talents with the world in amazing pictures she takes (because she’s a photographer) of her baked goods, homemade costumes and excellent modeling abilities. Because she’s the definition of a boss, we wanted to share some of her artwork with you.
Christine’s Mom and Christine
The two pictures were taken 25 years apart. Christine wanted to replicate her mom’s picture (on the left) and we think she did a terrific job!

Wedding Cake
Christine decorating a beautiful wedding cake she made herself. The two top tiers are red velvet cake and the bottom is German chocolate!

Peach Cobbler Cake
A nice southern peach cobbler can be a beautiful thing, especially when it’s embedded into a delicious cake. This one was made by Christine with salted pecans, toasted crumbles and cream cheese frosting.

Chicken Pot Pie
It has a face and wings!

Alien Cookies
These look freaky, but we’d eat them.

Hard at Work
Here is Christine working on a project. We wonder what it will be!

Peach Tree Pie
A peach pie that looks like a peach tree. Beat that!

Painting Walls
Here she is painting some leaves onto the walls of a bathroom, presumably her bathroom or some random house she broke into! We guess this is her artist side.

Or how about a beautiful tree onto a bedroom wall?!

Danzig Cake
A cake for the heavy metal band Danzig. Of course it’s badass!

All the things, except the armchair, in this image were created by Christine herself. She still has to learn how to build a chair!

Bosslike Picnic
All she wrote for this picture was, “I prepared a picnic…” Yeah you did.

Marrying Her Cat
Apparently Christine is also a crazy cat lady.

Cupcake Delivery
If you’re lucky, Christine will bake you some delicious cupcakes and deliver them with a bosslike 1955 Chevy Nomad Wagon.

For Her Little Cousin
Parker is a lucky little boy to receive such an amazing gift sewn by Christine.

More Cakes
Scrumptiously delicious and amazingly decorated, here are more of Christine McConnell’s spectacular cakes.

Now you know why we think she’s a boss.