Learn to be like a boss from these 10 boss animal memes. Nothing brightens our day like cute and funny animals.

They are over the top cute, they are breaking the law and they act like the true kings and queens they are. We love them and we want to be them. Scroll down to enjoy ten of internets bossiest animals. Like a boss animal memes at its finest.

1 Do not care about the law

This seagull do not let anyone tell him what to do

2 A bird, bird, bird, bird is the word.

You dont have to be the bigger bird to be the boss, at least according to this little fella..

3 Waiting in the car, like a boss

You can do anything, as longe as you do it like this boss dog

4 Well, as longe as your attitude is on point

This cat is the boss. I know it, you knows it, everybody knows it.

5 Facepalm like a boss

We all need to facepalm, someone more often than others. If need to do it, bring your favourite shark – like a boss.

6 Own your space

Make sure you and your squad have the most boss-like attitude. If you don’t know how, learn from this boss goat squad.

7 Afraid to be a chicken?

If you are a chicken, be proud, they have no fear and zero care. This boss chic teach us how we should go through life.

8 Are you walking your dog today?

Are you doing it like a boss?

9 Sit like a boss

I don’t know if you know how to sit like a human, but if you dont, feel free to be inspired by this fabulous cat.

10 I know you scratch your balls

Do it like a boss.

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