We almost forgot to share the bosslike pics we dug up this week with you. Fortunately for you, I finally remembered and here they are! Boom goes the dynamite.
This old dude at a baseball game went all out like a boss.

And have I ever mentioned that I’m officially considered a pirate in the Philippines? This picture isn’t from there, but it looks like there are some pirates at work here too!

A treehouse inside a house. Who the hell has a tree growing in their living room?

Some kids love pepperoni pizza, but this kid LOVES pepperoni pizza.

Fly away, firefighter!

We learned how to draw the perfect eyebrows…

The wave pool selfie is an artform.

This cat hasn’t seen your LSD, bruh. No idea where you left it, but take care of those damn dragons!

Just a school bus for scale.

I really like this cosplay for some reason.

And it finally happened… a Star Wars themed bachelor party.

Bryan Cranston is a badass.

Apparently eagles are the pigeons of Alaska.

Maybe you will appreciate this Scottish horse sculpture. That thing is massive!

Below is a prime example of what happens when the largest salt flat in Bolivia turns into a natural mirror after some rain.

Meanwhile in Norway… We seem to have a picture of Norway in every one of these picture posts. It must be worth a visit!

This looks fun.

Oh this? It’s nothing. Just the largest transport plane on Earth!

The endless train.

Who looks more ridiculous?


Water tubing is a dangerous sport and you WILL eat shit at some point doing it.

This dog looks so happy!

And this one doesn’t look happy at all.

Over and out.