Sarah Jessica Parker did not grow up rich on the upper-east side of New York, on the contrary she grew up in Ohio as 1 of 8 siblings.

We all have dreams, but many of us feel like it isn’t in the cards for us. So this article is about those who made it against all odds. And next time you tell yourself you don’t have enough money to pursue the dream, or you are living in the the wrong place and don’t have the time.. This is for you.

Sarah Jessica Parker was born in what we could address as a poor coal-mining town in rural Ohio called Nelsonville. When she was two years old, and the youngest of four children, her parents got a divorce. After a short time, Parker got a stepdad and additional four siblings.

Her stepdad worked as a truck-driver, and her mother was a teacher. But with eight children, the money was tight and they occasionally needed to be on welfare.

Despite the situation, a poor family of ten from Ohio, Sarah’s mother always encouraged the children to follow their talents and dreams. When Sarah was 11 years old, she and her brother auditioned for a Broadway play and got cast. As a result, the whole family then moved to New York to support them. After years with hard work in the theater and movie industri, the world got to know her as Carrie in “Sex And The City”.

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