Tyler Perry, a writer, actor, director, comedian, producer and on Forbes top list’s. Also abused, slept in his car, rejected and tried to kill himself.

We all have dreams, but many of us feel like it isn’t in the cards for us. So this article is about those who made it against all odds. And next time you tell yourself you don’t have enough money to pursue the dream, or you are living in the the wrong place and don’t have the time.. This is for you.

Tyler Perry’s father beat him. He was also sexually abused by multiple adults as a child. When he was still a child, he attempted suicide to get away from the beating, twice. The life was hard on him, and as a result he did not get to complete high school.

In his early twenties, something changed. Perry watched the Oprah Winfrey Show and when she talked about how therapeutic it could be to write, he took it to his heart.

In his twenties, Tyler worked odd jobs, slept in his car and wrote letters to himself, plays and stories. In 1992, he wrote, produced and starred in his first theater production, I Know I’ve Been Changed. He put all of his savings into it, and it failed. But Tyler did not quit. He tried again, and failed. Six years later, on his 7th try, he finally succeeded, and became recognized.

Now he is one of Hollywood richest, and is a respected producer, writer, actor and director.

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