This is for you with babies and toddlers. We know you love them, but we also know they can be a pain in the ass.. Enjoy the memes!

1 – Whyyyyyyy is it like this? And this goes for dad too!

2 – There is a reason for why babies are so damn cute…

3 – Spot on. We quickly learn to take the extra minutes to not blow it..

4 – This is how it feels to be a mom. This exact picture!

5 – We love them, but jeeeeeeez..

6 – I’m gonna try this. Life hack.

7 – Sometimes you just got to inhale, and remember that you love your kid so damn much.

8 – Hahahaha, I love this dad. Can’t belive he just did it without asking why…

9 – In the corner, or behind the couch.

10 – Well, this is exactly how I usually feel, and sometimes exactly how I look. This goes for any parent that are staying home with kids.. And for some reason I don’t always understand, it is so worth it.

Hey mom and dad, you are doing great! Stay strong and remember to take a break and have some me-time. Yes, I know it feels impossible. Someone once told me that in order to take care of others, you first need to take care of yourself.

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