Dr. Dre announced he will be the first billionaire in hip hop. He did so in an expletive-ridden homemade video filmed by Tyrese Gibson after they had a few Heineken to celebrate (so I guess we can excuse the strong language and blame it on the alcohol)! Because the video is riddled with cursing, we aren’t going to post it here… but you can easily find it on the YouTubes! Only if you don’t have virgin ears though.
The video seems to confirm that Apple will be buying Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion and thus make Dr. Dre (the founder of Beats Electronics) the first rapper to become a billionaire. (Ahead of Puff Daddy and Jay-Z.)

What makes this even more impressive is that Dr. Dre has been in the background for years now, while the same cannot be said about Puff Daddy and Jay-Z. Producing music and founding a company that arguably produces the most popular (and quite possibly most expensive) headphones ever, Dr. Dre has come a long way since his days as a true gangsta rapper with N.W.A. back in the 1980s.
This is the biggest milestone in the history of the hip hop industry and it will forever change what rappers aspire to be: More than just a rapper. A producer. An entrepeneur. A marketing genius. And maybe, if they’re as talented and dedicated as Dr. Dre, a BILLIONAIRE.
Congratulations on becoming a billionaire like a boss, Dr. Dre! We hope you continue to produce great hip hop music and bosslike items like Beats in the future.