In an advertising campaign that won them the Gold at the Clio Awards, a Dutch advertising firm called Interbest ran an absolutely genius outdoor ad campaign featuring an overweight male stripper.

The campaign started with the chubby funnster fully dressed and labeled, “The sooner you advertise here, the better.” At this point, the audience’s attention may have already been captured wondering what this is all about.

With the next billboard, the fat man began stripping. His shirt was off and he was undoing his belt. The message started to become more clear to the audience.

For the third billboard, his pants were off and he was taking off his undershirt. The future no longer seemed very hopeful and he was only wearing his briefs at this point. What follows may make your eyes bleed (if they aren’t already).

For the love of all that is sacred to you, someone please advertise on this billboard! He’s taking off his briefs. The fat man is about to be nude, if someone doesn’t do something about this!

Thanks, Radio 2, for stepping in and ending this! The message to go with the Radio 2 billboard read, “Phew…! Thanks, Radio 2.” You know the Dutch don’t play around. They’ll show you nudity in public if they have to!
But was it really an advertising firm forcing a company to step in and stop a fat man from getting naked on a billboard? Or was it Radio 2’s outdoor ad campaign all along and the fat male strippers was just a clever ploy to get everyone’s attention before the actual ad is placed? To the naive, they are heroes. To the people that understand advertising like a boss, they are geniuses! This ad campaign was definitely a winner.
Agency: Y&R Not Just Film
Advertiser: Interbest
Campaign: Radio 2
Where we got the pics: Here