Let’s be honest, young men that go off to college tend to want to meet college girls when they’re there. This guy named Trent Toney¬†figured out what could possibly be the best way to meet girls on campus like a boss. In the video above, which he posted on YouTube, he captured a day’s worth of putting his plan into action at a few college campuses.
First, he pretended to take a poll for one of his classes to get to talking with the ladies, but then he had set up a huge surprise to really break the ice. After asking a bunch of silly, nonsensical questions for his imaginary poll, Trent had his brothers and friends randomly join him for a surprise serenade of the oldie song Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison.
Quite a few girls felt their hearts melting that day, when they were presented with this brilliant spectacle of public impromptu singing by these gentlemen, who even wore matching outfits for them. The makeshift boy band certainly left an impression and put smiles on faces that day. They probably also got some phone numbers and conquered a number of hearts.
Sometimes you just have to serenade a lady to get her attention. If you’re good and with a bit of luck, she might even let you sing to her again! Good luck out there, gentlemen!