Most of us have some incredible highlights in our childhood, the first date with someone special, that first kiss, the time when our parents or relatives all thought a family day to the amusement park would be incredible. Indeed it was and since then all of us that have stomachs of steel wanted to go back and ride the biggest ride  over and over again.  While most people scream, black out, or start crying during the horrific ordeal. Everyday people are contemplating different ways to make that scream cam less puny and more ‘boss-like’. Check out how these clever guys took it to the next level and use the scream cam to their advantage to get the most hilarious roller coaster pictures ever. Believe me achieving this is not easy, it takes tons of preparation and planning to capture what they call ‘scream cam’ art.
Hopefully she wasn’t too nauseous after he popped the question. desktop-1415814082
Its always good to practice good hygiene while doing the triple loop twist.desktop-1415814082 (1)
This is definitely something that ESPN would be interested in. “Calmon kid, you can take him!”desktop-1415814081
This reminds of that scene in the movie “Friday” where Pinky was telling his driver “Slow Down You‘re hittin’ them cornaz too goddamn fast. You need to slow this muthafucka down. Ya understand? I almost spilt my yack on this $200 suit! desktop-1415814081 (1)
I guess riding these monsters all day kinda’ makes you hungry.
Remember Disney’s Masterpiece Lion King! “Nants ingonyama bagithi baba, Sithi uhm igonyama!” Its the circle of life.desktop-1415814080 (1)
Sometimes you just got to jump on that horse and ride it into the sunset.desktop-1415814077
Its a match point at this years world Ping Pong roller coaster championships. You can just feel the tension uprising.desktop-1415814079
If you, your friends, and family have any creative ideas for the roller coaster ‘scream cam’ write them in the comments below or submit your photos to us!