After picking up a 1995 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR, this genius car tuner decided to let his wife doodle on his newly acquired supercar with Sharpie pens one night and it turned into a massive project. At first, the idea was just to let her draw on the car a little bit for fun, because it was going to get a paintjob anyhow to cover up some scratches. It turned into much more than that quickly.
The night got longer and his artist wife continued to draw on the Skyline, which is considered by many renowned motor enthusiasts (i.e. the BBC Top Gear guys) to be the only truly Japanese supercar ever built. They both started to really love what she was creating. Some would call it a masterpiece. 100+ hours of Sharpie pen doodling later and the design was finished on this once-silver Nissan Skyline GTR. They slapped a few layers of clearcoat on it to set the designs and the “doodling” has now resulted in a badass permanent paintjob for this dream car.
The intricate drawings on this car are incredible and the people who built this Japanese supercar at the Nissan performance division Nismo 20 years ago would be overjoyed to see one with such an amazing painjob still driving around today.