Magic. It has always captured our minds. These street illusionists with their levitation trick (that I will reveal at the end of this article) really blow people’s minds in cities all over the world. 300 years ago, they would’ve been labeled as witches and burned at the stake for this, but today we can enjoy their sorcery knowing they probably won’t get burned alive any time soon.
Haha, this little kid’s mind is completely BLOWN by the trick. Adorable.

These street illusionists really took it to the next level with those tie dye outfits.

I’m almost willing to bet these two have some even more impressive tricks up their massive sleeves.

Lost it, when I saw the socks.

It takes a ton of concentration to pull of levitation magic.

Okay, this one really might be black magic.

Another excellent tandem illusion.

This levitation was made possible by the Force! Or was it?

The truth is that it’s extremely easy for an illusionist to pull this trick off, especially when you compare it to some of the other tricks they manage. Here are some quick instructions!

Now go levitate like a boss! People will have no idea what kind of sorcery is behind it.