To beach or not to beach, that is the question. These people should’ve stayed home, but instead they went to the beach and made fools out of themselves. FOOLS! Risk taking is a boss quality, so we approve of their courage!
She was looking smooth as silk until Mother Nature told her to f### right off!

Hail Storm Victims
This one came out of nowhere in Siberia, when temperatures were above 37°C (99°F) right before!

Lose weight or buy a new chair.

That ring is gone for sure.

This is actually a win. I like their dedication to bury themselves like this in the sand.

We hope her knees are completely wrecked, otherwise this is unacceptable beach behavior.

At least he made the effort to try to impress them. Better luck next time, parkour dude.

Parked Car
This isn’t where I parked my car…

Almost Made It
Try again. Maybe you’ll make it to the water.

Giraffe Man
Run away! The girl next to him isn’t dressed appropriately for swimming either…

Boogie Boarding
Brutal, dude. Brutal.

More Weddings
They will never learn that the ocean hates marriage.

The ocean doesn’t like that either.

We leave you with a bunch of sharks.

Pretty sure that one shark ate a mermaid. Have fun at the beach this summer!