A guy named Bret decided to get a ton of his and his girlfriend Jovan’s friends together to learn a dance routine to the song Geronimo by Sheppard. The reason was so he could propose to the love his life in epic fashion. Under the pretense that she was just meeting a friend for lunch, his beloved girlfriend was lured to a cafe where Bret and the crew put on this boss lip-dub dance routine for her.
A lot of the people involved had to be flown across the country to make this happen, but Bret wanted everything to be perfect for his proposal and nothing would stop him from making that happen for Jovan. It was. Needless to say, she said yes and the two will be getting married. I’m not sure how a wedding can top this, but good luck to them! The ultimate surprise proposal may be this one, but we wouldn’t mind seeing someone make an even better one either. People can be amazing.