Detective Stuart Littlefield has been on the force at the Kansas City Police Department for 20 years and is notorious as the prankster of his unit.
On his 50th birthday, he got a special surprise. The other police officers finally got this cop prankster back for all the tricks he’s played on them over the years.

He came into work on his b-day and his squad car was completely covered in approximately 4,000 post-it notes. The cops who pulled the prank got pretty creative with different colors of post-it notes too.
Check out the smiley face on one of the windows and his pink tires! This thing might really qualify as art in some circles, but at the Kansas City PD it’s simply a prank on the #1 mischief-maker of the office to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Detective Littlefield said about the incident, “I have to say that I deserve this. I have always been the guy who stirs the pot within the unit. I’m the first to cause trouble.” Now he knows he’s not the only one who can cause some trouble in his unit!
Happy Birthday, Detective! Have fun peeling all those post-it notes off of your squad car.