This story aired on ABC and shows what happens when a famous rapper goes into full kind-hearted boss mode. We must wonder if Kanye West has ever done something like this. (Or are we really wondering?)

The cliffs of this special story:
– 15yo terminally ill brain cancer patient Kennedy was thrown an early prom by her fellow classmates.
– The local news covered this uplifting story and her friends asked viewers to tweet Drake.
– Drake received tweets to send Kennedy a nice message, but instead decided to pay her a visit instead! This is what we like to call engaging full boss mode.
– Everyone had a jolly good time and Drake seemed to genuinely enjoy making this girl’s day. Who wouldn’t?!
To summarize, rapper Drake is a class act and he truly cares for his fans like a boss. We’ll leave you with a few pictures from Kennedy’s special day, which were posted on Instagram. (Kennedy even got a kiss on the cheek from Drake!)