You’ve probably seen it on the news or online that some rock stars have ridiculous dressing room requests at places they perform at, i.e. Motley Crue requiring a sub-machine gun or Mariah Carey demanding 100 doves, 80 security guards and a Rolls-Royce Phantom!
However, on the flip side of that are some very down to Earth rock stars that haven’t gone crazy and still seem like regular people judging by their humble dressing room requests at shows. They aren’t self-centered pricks and they will help restore your faith in humanity with the humility they show in these very reasonable dressing room requests.
Not only did she learn to write poetry at four years old, she also learned about what truly matters in life and to have some humility. Even with her being one of the most famous singers in the world and arguably one of the most beautiful women on the planet, she is still easy going and her dressing room requests are more than humble. Just two trash cans, a box of Kleenex and an ice bucket. Not even a special ice bucket, just a plastic one will do for Shakira!

Eric Clapton
All Eric Clapton wants to do is be able to play a game of foosball with his friends after he performs. He asks for a dressing room big enough to seat 12 people and still have room for a foosball table. He doesn’t even ask the venue to provide the foosball table, because he brings his own favorite one with him on tour! In fact, Eric Clapton is so humble and down to Earth that he often takes the time to help set up the foosball table himself.

Alicia Keys
One of the most beautiful voices the world has known in recent years, Alicia Keys is also extremely low maintenance with her dressing room requests. She enjoys a nice flowery scent in her dressing room, so she asks for Glade candles. Unlike J. Lo, who requires $50 Diptyque candles, Alica is more than okay with Glade candles and provides a long list of different scents that she enjoys.
Her tour bus requests for the ride back to the hotel post-show: Tuna sandwiches, PB&J’s, and some beer for her and her band members. Alicia Keys is one of the most polite (numerous fans can attest to this) super stars and also very accomodating with her dressing room requests wherever she performs as you can see.

Bob Dylan
While some stars of today (i.e. Justin Bieber) have 40+ items on their dressing room request lists, Bob Dylan had 4. They were: Clean towels, a full length mirror, a bar of soap, and an ashtray. Very humble.

Humus, rice crackers, fruit, and some plain yogurt. That’s it! That’s all he requests. Wow.

Billy Joel
You probably know Billy Joel gives away seats at his concerts in the front row to people that were only able to afford seats in the back on a regular basis, so it will be no big surprise to you that his backstage requests are also not extravagant in the least. The most extreme dressing room request the Piano Man ever made was to have an extra large wastebasket in his dressing room. Maybe he needed it to throw away some of the ridiculous dressing room request lists other rock stars have.

Jake Owen
The country singer usually just requests cold beer. Not even a specific kind.

Johnny Cash
The Man in Black was as humble as can be with his dressing room requests. He wanted hot and cold running water… and a toilet. I’m serious! He did have an on stage request that was a little more extravagant: A flag pole to hang the American flag for the entire audience to see. Why? Because… ‘Merica!

Their tour rider is mainly just a request to security guards to be nice to their fans. It says, “Our fans are a peaceful, intelligent group who respond to courteous requests rather than aggressive bullying.” They also don’t want their fans to be subjected to airport security style frisking before they can come enjoy their music. For this, they wrote, “The pat down should be limited to visual and very light pat down checks. It’s a ‘pat-down,’ NOT a search for illegal substances. There is a difference.”
Dressing room requests? We weren’t able to find any.

Guns N’ Roses
Axl Rose just wants a large pizza, some Wonder Bread, and a bag of Ruffles with sour cream. Reasonable!

It’s just a booze list basically. Not even anything extravagant, just half a case of Guinness stout in bottles, a bottle of Jose Cuervo, a bottle of Stolli vodka, a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey, and a “medium quality sherry”. U2 is one of the most famous bands on the planet. I’m extremely impressed by their humble list.

The Beatles
The greatest band of the rock era, in their prime they had the following dressing room requests: “Four cots, an ice cooler, and clean towels.”
The Beatles also specified that they “will never be required to perform for a segregated audience.”

As you can see, a lot of the greatest rock stars don’t require much maintenance at all when it comes to dressing room requests. There are still rich and famous musicians who have remained humble and this list serves as a nice reminder of that fact. My faith in humanity has definitely been restored again!