When superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Thor aren’t busy kicking villain ass or attending funerals, they too must take time off to chill and relax a bit. Where do they go to kick back?
French artist Benoit Lapray decided to use his talents in photography and image retouching to place some of these crime fighters within the healing hands of Mother Nature, where they can meditate and wind down before they return to beating the crap out of bad guys, in a series he calls “The Quest for the Absolute”. Enjoy!
While Superman does have his Fortress of Solitude to go recharge at sometimes, he still enjoys nature. Maybe he hangs out floating over a lake or standing on various rocks like a boss. Maybe he’ll fly over a sweet waterfall too?!

This Norse God / superhero likes to go stand in a stream like a boss and just let Earth’s nature relax him. Why does he bring his hammer to relax? Because… THOR!

Wonder Woman
Beautiful and strong, Wonder Woman likes to relax amidst a waterfall or in a lake.

The Flash
He’s too fast for the camera to really capture him, but he can be seen taking a ‘jog’ through a field to relax and recharge in this photo.


What a surprise! He likes to hang out on top of buildings in his typical Spider-Man squat position. But he also enjoys sitting along a dirt path in the middle of nowhere.

I’m Batman! Apparently he likes to look at monuments or just reminisce about his past and current struggles.

Captain America
Because… ‘Merica. He enjoys the feeling of waves crashing at his feet and the fresh air atop a mountain.

Now you know how your favorite superheroes relax. This final image of the Silver Surfer makes you wonder though. We hope he likes what he sees!