This girl just topped every wrong number text ever with a barrage of text messages that will forever live on inside our heads (and on the Internet) in infamy. Prepare to laugh!
The Setup
This is the most important step of the process. If you get this just right, you’re in for a hilarious exchange of messages. Of course she nailed it!

The “Proof”
Once you have your victim hooked, it’s time to provide the person with some “proof” to continue your wrong number text assault.

Ask Questions
A few key questions will be like pouring salt into a deep wound. With the pregnancy scare approach, you can get creative utilizing some baby names to your advantage like she did. Make sure at least one of the names is horrendous beyond belief.

The Future Is Bright
She brilliantly begins to plan their future together, now that a baby is on the way. He doesn’t seem to appreciate the fact that he’s going to be a family man now.

Plans For Today
Make sure they expect something terrible from the immediate future as well. In this case shopping for baby clothes seems like a terrificly evil activity.

Reveal The Truth
Now that you’ve caused an incredible mental breakdown and devastated the person’s life, you can let them know you aren’t who they think you are. It will go over really well.

He really is a fool and a cheating scumbag, so you don’t have to feel too bad about making him break down and cry like a little bitch.