Going through life like a boss. “Like a boss” memes have been around for a while, but we can’t get enough. Here are 10 of memes that made us laugh and inspired us to be like a boss.

10 years ago on april 4th, the comedian group Lonely Island preformed a song called “like a boss” on Saturday Night Live. And without anyone knowing, the fundament for thousands of memes was born. The “like a boss” meme. And here we are, after all this time, still laughing.

Is there a better way to start the week than with a collections of like a boss memes?

Here you go.

1 If you are saying goodbye to a loved one, you should do it like a boss.

2 We will encourage to break any laws, but if you have to do it.. Do it like a boss

3 These guys are breaking the rules (and making visual puns) like true bosses.

4 Killing the lightbulb joke game, like a boss.

5 We should all pay tribute to this boss and feel inspired. Next time we are stuck in traffic, we will handle it like a boss.

6 You should never jump in the water or cool down in a regular way if you have an excavator laying around. Do it like a boss.

7 Save time. Change tires like a boss.

8 This meme is a classic, but it inspires us everyday.

9 If you have to put out a fire, do it like a boss.

10 Driving to school, like a bus. We love the boss bus and the awesome dad joke vibes.

Do you have a favourite “like a boss” meme? Send a link or tell us below in the comments.

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