Maybe we should consider banning certain people from using dating apps like Tinder, but then we wouldn’t have any material for articles like this one. (Except for the conversations that actually went pretty well!)
Here are the greatest Tinder conversations ever. While they may not all be boss, they are worth a looksee for other reasons.
What’s Your Name?
Because it’s extremely difficult to figure this out with the little information Tinder provides. Oh wait…

Cat Man
This guy might be even worse than crazy cat ladies.

Nice Save
This conversation will go really well after that.

The Puzzle
She was happy to help him out.

We all know karate is cool as fuck, but it needs to be said sometimes.

Breakfast Sandwich
They were made for each other like bacon and eggs.

Peanut Butter
It was a solid attempt (at murder).

Have A Seat
Or not. I tried.

What’s Your Number
This guy is doing it right like a boss!

No D Pics
If you’ve never taken a picture of your penis, gentlemen, then women would love to marry you!

Also Doing It Right
Yeah, he’s pretty good at Tinder too.