#10. The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)

Budget– $100 million
Gross- $7 million
Loss- $96 million
How could an Eddy Murphy comedy do so bad? The movie is about a futuristic smuggler who’s lifelong dream is to open a nightclub. The idea for this movie came about in the 1980’s and went through a long-delayed production until shooting started in April of 2000. After the movie was completed it sat on the shelf for 2 years until it was released. It ran in theaters for 7 weeks until it was pulled, losing the studio upwards of $90 million.

#9. Stealth (2005)

Budget- $135 million
Gross- $76 million
Loss- $96 million
Jamie Foxx in a fighter plane, this sounds like a hit. Unfortunently this action film couldn’t bring in a big enough audience to make a profit. The movie is about a self-flying fighter jet that gets struck by lightning and turns evil. It actually went through a few court cases, One by Leo Stoller who sued Columbia pictures for trademark infringment of the word “Stealth” Columbia eventually winning in a counter lawsuit. It had a run of 6 weekends until eventually losing $96 million.

 #8. Sahara (2005)

Budget- $160 million
Gross- $119 million
Loss-  $78 million
Based on a book by Clive Cussler, this movie is about an adventurer who tries to find a long lost ironclad ship after someone finds a coin in the Sahara. The films legal problems actually make for a better story. The author sued one of producers for not consulting him on the script, leading to a lawsuit and a counter-suit for “alleged blackmail and sabotage” the producer won the case in 2007 and ever since, Clive Cussler has been trying to get $8.5 million for an agreement that was made for a second book and sequel, the last court case dated in 2010, 5 years after the film’s release. It actually ran for 17 weeks, but wasn’t able to get enough attention for a sequal.

 #7. Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

Budget- $200 million
Gross- $197 million
Loss- $86 million
A retelling of the classic tale, this big budget film was supposed to be a darker version according to the director, while the studio wanted it to be more family orriented. So the priorities were split, the film was even delayed almost a year so that it wouldn’t compete with “The Dark Knight rises” It ran in theaters for 15 weeks.

 #6. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)

Budget- $137 million
Gross- $85 million
Loss- $72 million
Video Game movies have almost never done well, but this movie was thought to be the exception. With a rendering company consisting of close to 1000 workers, this animated movie used some of the most high-tech motion capture available at the time. The main charecter Aki Ross was so realistic she was even featured as one of Maxim’s Sexiest women alive. With exactly 141,964 frames to render the film took 4 years to make and ran in theaters for only 8 weeks .

 #5. John Carter (2012)

Budget- $250 million
Gross- $282 million
Loss- $108 million
Based off of “John Carter of Mars” a book written in 1917, this movie has been brought in and out of production for a long time. Changing from an animated movie to live action and vice versa. The director, known only for making animated films, apparently had to re-shoot most of the scenes from the movie twice. A book was written explaining many of the instances gone wrong called “John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood” which blames the problems for the movie’s faliure on the marketing. It ran for 16 weeks

 #4. R.I.P.D (2013)

Budget- $130 million
Gross- $78 million
Loss- $90 million
Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds in the same movie, how could this bomb? Well apparently any comic adaption with Reynolds seems to go downhill. (See Green Lantern) Based off a comic book this movie is about a police officer who dies and is required to fight evil monster creatures in a afterlife that is parallelled to our world. Sounds really confusing, that on top of overwhelmingly bad reviews is why this movie wasn’t able to rake in an audience. It ran for 10 weeks.

#3. The Lone Ranger (2013)

Budget- $225 million
Gross-  $260 million
Loss- $94 million
The film that everyone talked about last year. It was in pre-production since 2010, due to large budget concerns. The producer, director and the 2 main stars all took a 20% pay decrease so that it could be on schedule. Several problems occured while filming, including an outbreak of chicken pox, and even a death of a water expert inside a water tank. The portrayal of Tonto by Johnny Depp recieved the most critisizm, even being called “racist” for not picking an actor who was of Native American decent. The film ran for 14 weeks

#2. The 13th Warrior (1999)

Budget- $160 million
Gross- $61 million
Loss- $69 million
Based off of “Eaters of the Dead” by Micheal Crichton, this film was delayed over 2 years due to poor test audience reviews and was re-edited many times to try and get the correct feel. Crichton himself even took over the directors spot which caused it to be delayed another year. Legendary actor Omar Sharif was so embarresed by his performance in the film that he even stated to retire from acting because of it. The film ran for 12 weeks

#1. Mars Needs Moms (2011)

Budget- $150 million
Gross- $38 million
Loss- $130 million
The BIGGEST bomb is a movie about an 11-year old who has to save his mother after she is abducted by aliens, sounds very engaging. The child was played by Seth Green sporting a motion cature suit for 6 weeks, until the producers determined that his voice was too mature for the charecter, and was redubbed by an actual 11-year old. Why couldn’t we have done this first? WIth Robert Zemekis as the producer (Beowulf, A Christmas Carol) one would think that this could be a hit but bad marketing and very negative word of mouth led to the films demise.