Remember when we were dorky kids and played with Legos which unleashed our imaginations creating what ever we could come up with. Everytime we went to the toy store we begged and pleaded for some new blocks. Bath time, sleepovers and being out in the yard was the ultimate playtime. Some habits dont die young, well for these guys old toys don’t die and have been creating extravagant masterpieces.

10. Heart Felt

Created by The Art Of The Brick this unique design literally proposes a statement. The interpertation of this piece is entirely up to you or it could just mean a person is fed up with love and is ripping his heart out.

9. Pin Ball Machine

Amazingly This pinball machine is made up of 99.99% Lego, the ball of course is not. This game is equipped with over 100 meters of wire, 13 RCX Units and 8 light sensors. Not to mentoi all the other work done which took over 300 grueling hours to assemble. Imagine tilting this thing and it just falls to pieces.

8. Lego Giraffe

This Life size giraffe was built at Legoland and possibly took forever to build. This giraffe is currently guarding the enterance to lego land. It would be awesome if they brought the structure to an African wilderness to see how other animals would react.

7. The Legoness Monster

Theres something in the water! Oh its just a dragon made entirely out of legos. while entering the land of Legos from the west end you will run smack dab in the middle of the monsters gazing eyes and Beware! They are hypnotizing.

6. Incredilego Hulk

This list would be incomplete without a life size version of Marvel’s Incredible Hulk. Standing a staggering seven feet tall taking over 300,000 blocks it is definitely going to give you a smashing piece of mind.

5. Pharoah

The Egypitan mummies would turn their tombs if they sew this masterpiece. This pharoah is calculated down to every detail making it one very impressive Lego Statue. This is actually the biggest structure everr made using the blocks.

4. Lego House

Imagine living in a house made entirely of blocks! Well Top Gear presenter James May has built one of the first fully functioning houses made of legos. The house was built by one thousand helpers and stands at about 20ft tall. I could imagine the beds not being too comfortable.

3. Car That Runs On Air

A Romanian engineer build and actual life-size car entirely out of Legos and actually drives.  This car can reach top speeds of 18 miles per hour and took over half a million pieces. There are no safety features so you might want to buckle up and enjoy the ride.

2. Volvo Lego

The Volvo XC90 made entirely of legos was built by LEGO master model builders which are members of an elite team of talented artists.  This is one of the most gratifying pojects ever attempted. The car however is not drive able due to not being able to see out the windows.

1. Mona Lego

Nothing can beat a genuine art piece such as Da vinci’s Mona Lisa thus far making it num 1. This 6 by 8 foot piece took more than 30,000 pieces. It weighs around 45 pounds and would take a lot of reinforcement to mount.