#20. Beanie Babies

Most likely you had some of these, if not dozens. Everyone was under the assumption that in 10 years time, these would be the same value as gold. So you bought all of them to cover your bed and you even got the tiny ones in the happy meal, only to realize that they just take up space. And if you removed the “TY’ tag from one, people looked at you as if you shot their dog.

#19. Treasure Trolls

These creepy naked dolls used to haunt my dreams. Girls would make sure their hair was straight, and would even comb it! The jewel placed on the stomach is the perfect substitute for pants, they couldn’t harm a fly with that creepy smile.


#18. Talkboy

Everybody needed one of these after they saw “Home Alone.” After you recorded your voice you could play it in slow motion and backwards and what have you. Young Kevin McCallister made it seem like you could be a radio DJ with one of these.


#17. Skip-it

At least this toy made you get off your butt, It had a counter that colected how many times you could skip and all the kids would compete to be skiping champion of the world. Which is a skill we need more of nowadays, but if you accidently tripped yourself and hit the concrete this toy would go in the trash.


#16. Pogs

The currency of the future. Pogs would be traded like wildfire so that you could save up and have a great collection, which is something all of the girls in the 90’s loved. These would become extinct the second trading cards came into play, leaving these unfortunate tokens to get lost between your couch cusions.


#15. Hit Clips

It’s a tiny boom box that you carried around on a keychain that would play 15 seconds of a song that was on a little cube the size of an SD card. And we couldn’t NOT have it. A few years later a version was released that played a 15-minute episode of a cartoon in black and white, on a screen the size of a toenail.


#14. Furby

The noises this thing made might bring up bad memories for some, furby was a fake pet that you got if you didn’t have a dog, and hated after an hour alone with it. You had to feed it by putting something in it’s mouth and the only way to stop it from complaining was to take the batteries out.


#13. Floam

You shape it into some weird ball thing that NEVER looked as good as it did in the commercials, and then you had to wait over night for it to harden into a permenant peice of your desk. And they only gave you enough to make a small cube and not these elegant flowers that the kids in the commercial are making.


#12. Yo-Yo Ball

Because you wanted to yo-yo but you got the string tangled up and it was actually REALLY hard to yo-yo. But this turned everyone into a yo-yo champ until you hit something of value with it and you had to take it outside. And you hated it outside.


#11. Bop it

You tested your reflex skills until this thing got the best of you. It only had 3 simple instructions but after a minute of high-speed “Bopping” you would confuse them all and have to start over again. After a few other versions came out with even MORE tasks, they released a version for Iphone that took all the fun out of it.


#10. Easy Bake Oven

Because YOU were going to be the next Iron Chef, and you couldn’t resist making cookies the size of quarters. This oven taught kids that everything came in powder form and cooking really wasn’t that hard, except the food tasted like chalk.


#9. View-Master

Who needs Tv? The View-master WAS a tv. With it’s endless ammount of spin wheels that could take you anywhere, this magic toy projected 3D landscapes and pictures using what children assumed could only be witchcraft, but it was great becuase there were no batteries and no end to what you could look at.


#8. Wildwest Cowboys of Moo Mesa

These toys were a true gem, seeing as they only made 10. Based off the cartoon of the same name, these shortlived toys were extremely fun if you could keep all of the tiny attachments with them. They may even be worth more than Beanie Babies nowadays.


#7. Micro Machines Z-bots

It seemed like there were literally thousands of these. And you couldn’t seem to stop stepping on them. And they all had individual names and even a complex backstory that made you want to get more, until you lost one and it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.


#6. Gator Golf


#5. Great Adventures castle

This brings back memories. The great adventures castle was the definition of fun, with an operatable drawbridge, little rooms and even a trapdoor leading to a jail what more could you ask for? Except for maybe another canonball because you always seemed to lose the one they gave you.


#4. Tamgotchi

You want a dog? take care of this and then we’ll see. This near un-spellable toy was the worst experience a kid could have, by actually giving them responsibility with something to look after and feed its almost a guarantee that the pet will starve and then never be touched after the second turn-on.


#3. Nintendo 64

Say goodbye to toys with moveable parts, and hello to a new habit. With 4 controller ports this was an instant party no matter what you were playing. It featured an uncountable ammount of classics like “Super Smash Bro’s” “Ocarina of Time” and the game that has molded the way we play multiplayer today, “007: Goldeneye”


#2. Hot Wheels

The toy that made you slip on your back accidently, that made you day dream about driving your dream car and made you buy the intricate ramps with hundreds of pieces of track makes it to #2 on our list, because they still make these today and will turn even a grown man into a toy lover.


#1. Super Soaker

There is no debate this was the best toy of the decade. It made you look forward to the summer, where you could get one and fill it up so you could spray your friends in the face. This toy turned you into a sharpshooter that could sneak better than before and made one of your muscles bigger than the other due to all of the pumping you had to do. If you left it out in the sun than it would melt and the water inside would be boiling lava hot, but it somehow still made the best memories of the unforgettable 90’s