Oh internet trolls, we’ve pretty much all dealt with them, in YouTube comments, forums or basically anywhere that an internet community assembles. They are the irritating pests that deliberately incite annoyed reactions from others for their own amusement. Trolling isn’t just a term reserved for internet folk, trolls do exist in real life and here we have compiled a list of our top 5 troll videos of 2014. Enjoy the collection!

5. This troll video is of a guy that found a way to trick cops into thinking they’ve nabbed him for talking on his cell phone while driving. The police officers had surprisingly understanding reactions and mostly laughed the prank off.

4 This guy is just an epic saxophone troll! He messes with security guards, business owners, teachers, police and pedestrians.  Each time the song starts up; it’s hard not to crack a laugh!

 3. This guy has balls, which is what his unsuspecting victims didn’t know. He almost gets into a few fights along the way for trolling macho men’s manhood’s! Absolutely epic!

 2. This is quite the elaborate troll; this video is the second in its series. After seeing the first one, a friend decided to prank his brother, all for the right reasons!

 1.  The best troll of 2014 so far has to be this video, celebrities are involved, the hopes of an entire generation was lifted then ripped away, and we’re all still hoping though.

Hope you enjoyed the troll videos; be careful, you could be next!