Chances are pretty good that you’ve already heard about e-cigarettes, especially if you’re a smoker. But what makes these electronic cigarettes better than regular ones? Well, we decided to do this research for you and came up with the following top 10 reasons to switch to e-cigarettes, if you’re a smoker. (If you don’t smoke, just move along! This is not for you. Don’t even think about smoking anything.)
1. Less (Potentially Cancer-Inducing) Chemicals
E-cigs aren’t packed full of chemicals like the traditional tobacco cigarette, which is called cancer stick for a reason. In fact, around 70 of the chemicals — of thousands total — inside a regular cigarette can cause various types of cancer. In an e-cig, you tend to get around a handful of chemicals total, which have been deemed safe by numerous medical professionals and the FDA. Actually, the only proven “bad” thing in e-cigarettes is really just the nicotine, which brings me to my next point!
2. Scale The Amount of Nicotine
While the amount of nicotine delivered with a tobacco cigarette is fairly constant at 20mg per cancer stick, it can vary greatly with e-cigs. You can scale it from around 24mg to no nicotine at all! This allows you to start at the level you’re used to and work your way down to no nicotine over time, if you don’t want to be consuming nicotine. With a regular cigarette, you simply don’t have this option. You either take your 20mg per cig or you try to go cold turkey and just quit smoking altogether. It’s not easy.
3. Support Small Businesses
While most tobacco cigarettes are sold by the massive companies that make up Big Tobacco, e-cigs are still part of a niche market that allows smaller businesses a real chance to flourish. In countries like Norway, for example, amazing e-cigarette providers like Damp Shop are actually far ahead of large businesses with the product quality and variety they provide.
4. No Ash Trays 
Let’s be realistic. Ash trays are nasty. They’re filled with smelly, discarded cigarette butts and add nothing of value. E-cigs don’t produce any ash, so you don’t need an ash tray.
5. No Odor
Most e-cigarette aromas will develop no odor when you smoke them. The smoke you’ll be blowing out of your mouth will be odorless and won’t bother anyone. This will allow you to smoke wherever you want without bothering other people.
6. No Stained Teeth
Just in case you don’t like having yellow-brown teeth, e-cigarettes are a great alternative to regular cigs. You won’t be inhaling tar and a ton of chemicals that wreak havoc on the inside of your mouth.
7. Variability
The options for both the type of e-cigarette you want to use, down to what color the device should be, and also which aroma you’d like to enjoy are seemingly endless. New companies are popping up daily with terrific new choices!
8. No 2nd Hand Smoke
Not only will you reduce your cancer risk, you’ll also be sparing the people around you that aren’t even smoking and might still be negatively affected by regular cigarette smoke. You’re now a good samaritan. Be proud of yourself!
9. No More Coughing
As your health improves and your lungs become healthier thanks to less tar and chemicals pumped into your respiratory system on a daily basis,  you’ll start to feel much more alive and finally able to breathe normally without coughing again. Say goodbye to smoker’s lungs and say hello to healthier lungs, better able to provide the rest of your body with oxygen.
10. Save Money
Oh yeah, did I mention smoking e-cigarettes is a lot cheaper than smoking regular cancer sticks? If being healthier at a lower risk of cancer and other smoking-related diseases isn’t enough motivation for you, maybe more money in your pocket will do the trick!
That concludes my little e-cig presentation. Hopefully you learned something new. I know I did while researching this topic. E-cigarettes are an amazing advancement for smokers worldwide and they’re here to stay!
Below is a pretty cool summary chart about tobacco cigarettes versus e-cigarettes. It’s a safe bet that many smokers who read this will switch to e-cigs! (Click on the image to view the full-size version.)