A little while back, I wrote an article about some genius engineers that useĀ 3D printing technology to create awesome superhero prosthetics for kids. This is somewhat of a follow-up to that, but also an incredible story all on its own.
Liam Porter is 7 years old and is missing part of his left arm, so some 3D printing bosses decided to hook him up with a new arm in style. With Liam being a Star Wars fan, the choice of an Imperial Stormtrooper arm was obvious and he was completely blown away when it was even delivered by Stormtroopers!
The moment when he received his new prosthetic hand was spectacular. It blew him away to the extent that he was only able to muster a few select words like “wow” and “cool”.
So what makes these superhero prosthetics so much cooler than regular prosthetics? Well, for one thing… they give you superhero powers instantly (or terrible aim in the case of this Stormtrooper arm); but because they’re made from plastic based on open-source designs, they are also much cheaper than regular prosthetics.
And by much cheaper, I mean 50 bucks as opposed to $9,000 for a regular prosthetic arm! That’s incredible to say the least and just one way 3D printing technology is improving lives. It’s also being used extensively for robotics.
It really doesn’t get much cooler than this for a kid with part of his arm missing. He will now be able to do a lot of things he wasn’t able to participate in previously without the 3D-printed prosthetic arm.
7-year-old Liam Porter is officially a boss with a Stormtrooper arm!