Calise Manning from Kalamazoo, Michigan is only four years old, but she’s already a boss to say the least. Trained and educated by her mother — who suffers from a medical condition called epilepsy that causes seizures — to remain calm in challenging situations, the 4-year-old knew just what to do when a seizure put her 9 months pregnant mother on the floor.
As instructed by her mom with previous lessons, Calise dialed 911 and let the dispatcher know to send an ambulance, because her mom was having her baby and she needed help. This 4 year old girl knows her stuff! She knows her mom’s full name, address, and important information about her medical condition. She also knows her age and that she’s growing up fast! When the 911 dispatcher asked her, “How old are you honey?” She swiftly responded with a witty, “Four. Yes, and I’m almost getting bigger.”
She should also know that she’s a boss and we’re definitely vouching for her to get an award for her bravery and calmness in such a difficult situation. Thanks to 4yo Calise, her mother was safely taken to the hospital, where she gave birth to Calise’s healthy baby brother TJ.
Congrats to the family on the new addition and also the fact that little Calise handled the whole situation like a boss. Kids are amazing!